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Gator Advertising | Brand Story

At Gator Advertising, we like nothing more than sinking our teeth into a juicy digital marketing project. We are a full-service digital marketing agency that helps clients worldwide grow their revenue through innovative, exciting, and effective strategic marketing. With in-house email marketing and web development expertise, a team of SEO specialists, experienced content writers, and even a Facebook Ads expert, Gator Advertising has all the resources to ensure that your business gets exactly what it needs to achieve its most ambitious goals.

Quality Marketing You Can Afford

We take a fresh, unique approach to each project, and our team of experts is always ready to get things done right the first time. Our obsession with quality has earned us a reputation as market leaders in providing creative digital marketing solutions. We are committed to our clients' goals and strive toward building long-term partnerships that result in mutual success. We're proud to say that our clients trust us with their most important projects because they’ve come to find that we deliver nothing but outstanding results, time after time.

Regardless of who our client is or what phase their business might be in, we remain steadfastly committed to keeping our fees fair and accessible to all. We do this because we believe that business owners work hard for their money and, therefore, deserve to enjoy their profits without spending an astronomical amount in the name of digital marketing.

Unlike many other profit-driven agencies, our team has a proven history of working with small businesses so we know how important it is to maintain a healthy balance between quality and price. That's why we remain committed to charging lower percentages and smaller management fees than our competitors while delivering work of an exceptional standard.

Built on Passion

Gator Advertising was founded by Kenny Mitchell and John Daly in 2020 and incorporated in 2021. Kenny and John connected through their shared passion for helping businesses succeed in the e-commerce arena. From their own ventures in e-commerce start-ups, both Kenny and John were keenly aware of how difficult it is for entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground without extensive digital marketing assistance.

As it became clear that neither one of them was destined to be a store owner, these two marketing pioneers decided to join forces and establish the digital marketing solution they felt was missing from the e-commerce arena. After months of research and experimentation, they finally felt that they had cracked the code and developed a trademark system that could drive consistently high-quality leads directly to online stores. The rest, as they say, is history!

Custom Growth Solutions

Since our inception, we have successfully assisted a wide variety of clients in building powerful brand identities and increasing their customer base through the use of our innovative digital marketing services. We believe that it takes a tireless effort to consistently go above and beyond expectations, and this service-oriented approach is at the core of everything we do. Our team of strategic thinkers, marketers, and creatives work closely with each one of our clients to create and implement custom digital marketing strategies that produce effective results and ensure that you always maintain the competitive edge.

If you’re looking for high-converting digital marketing strategies that are geared towards increasing your traffic and your revenue, reach out to our team and we’ll get started on a custom success blueprint for your business.